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The Shaping’s of Jane Eyre Zucaru Ruth 2/21/2014 2nd period In life the people around Jane Eyre has a way of shaping her as a person. As a person grows older, weather very negative or positive it makes a stronger person out of a person or it affects that person in some way in life. Unfortunately and sadly for Jane she had horrible and wicked people in her life as she grew to be a young woman. Luckily for Jane, down the line of life she was able to meet those whom was respectful to her and appreciated her help and servant abilities. Multiple people had an effect on shaping Jane as a person. By the end of this essay it will be proven that the person in Jane’s life has shaped her Social drive and development as a young woman succeeding its also will be proven on the affects of Jane Eyre and bildungsroman life and early figures in feminist movement, with the affects of Jane’s life and thoughts. â€Å"The night as Jane lays there thinking about everything Mr. Rochester has told her, when she thinks she hears a â€Å"demoniac† laugh. When she leaves her room she then finds a candle burning in the hallway. Jane sees Mr. Rochester’s door open and finds his curtains on fire. He is stupefied by Smokey air, but she wakes him by extinguishing the flames and dousing him with water†, chap 15. Then the actions that took place puts Mr. Rochester in a position of vulnerability as Jane douses water in Mr. Rochester’s room. The situation allows to show her growth as a grown woman in control and independent. The situation brings Mr. Rochest... ...eople in her life has also shaped her to feel extreme tension for the characters around her. Although it’s very fortunate that an orphan like Jane her self is able to achieve wealth and power without having education or social motivation , Jane also has manners and shows sophistication while remaining penniless and powerless. A person cannot always makes choices for themselves in life, some people are put into a life or a situation that has to be shaped its self, negatively or positively. The drive and motivation a person takes from certain situations weather negative or positive in life it shapes a persons character and focus. This essay has proven that the people in life can shape aspects of a person’s future and drive as well as motivation. It has also has proven on the effects of early figures in feminist movement ,with the affects of Jane’s life and thoughts.

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Recommended Policies to Achieve a Sustainable Society Essay

Italy has been faced with fact that they are the second country with the lowest birth rate next to Spain. There are multiple recommendations that may be done in order to keep Italy up and running. One recommendation would be Italy may want to look at why France and Ireland have a high rate of child birth to help keep them up and running in the game of population. Other countries like France and Ireland give their people benefits for having children. Italy may want to take a look into bribing their people into having children. Maybe Italy should offer funding for health care, child care, and also offering higher incentives to families with more than one child. Italy’s incentive rate right now for a woman giving birth to a second child is only 1000 Euros. Italy should offer their people these benefits in order to help Italy’s low birth rate, here are the reasons why. Italy is the second country that has the lowest birth rate in the nation, with only one child per female. One might recommend that Italy might want to look into France and Ireland because they have the second highest birth rate in Europe. If Italy looks into France they might find out in that country they actually pay families for having children (Dillinaco, 2004-2008). In French families are entitled to up to three years paid maternity leave with a guarantee that mom’s job will be there for her when she returns. If Italy does that maybe the woman there wouldn’t be so scared on having children. Their burden of having to find a new job after giving birth or if their job will still be there will be lifted off their shoulders. A new law provides greater maternity leave benefits, tax credits and other incentives for families who have a third child. During a year-long leave after the birth of the third child, mothers will receive $960.00 a month from the government, twice th e allowance for the second child. France shows that they take care of the moms even after they give birth by paying them for three years to be with their children (Conroy, 2011). France is a great place to learn from when trying to raise the low birth rate. On top of giving their people money for having children they also help them cover some of their childcare costs so the country can establish a good birth rate in order to keep their population going. France was smart and know that they couldn’t just pay women and that will be enough for them. France knows that the women will need help with childcare also. So, the government decided to covers some child-care costs of toddlers up to 3 years old and offers free child-care centers from age 3 to kindergarten, in addition to tax breaks and discounts on transportation, cultural events and shopping. Their plan worked so well that the municipal day-care center ran out of space because of a local baby boom. In fact, they actually gave families an extra $100.00 per kid if the parents took care for their own child (Sensing, 2006). France really knows how to convince their people into having babies. Paying mothers maternity leave and making sure their job is still there when they return is a great way to encourage women to have children. Not only will the mothers get paid maternity leave, it is paid maternity leave for three years. France will also help the mothers pay for childcare if the mother decides to return back to work before the three years is up. After the child makes three years old and the mother goes back to work the child care is then free from ages three to kindergarten. On top of free childcare France also pays their people $960.00 a month as long as they have three or more children, which is twice as much as two children. If Italy took care of the mothers like France does, they just might have a higher birth rate. Conroy, S. (2011, February 11). Bonuses for having babies in france. Retrieved from http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/12/10/eveningnews/main2243958.shtml Dillinaco, D. (2004-2008). Low birth rates in italy. Retrieved from http://mommiesonline.net/health/low-birth-rates.php Sensing , D. (2006, October 20). Paying women to have children. Retrieved from http://www.windsofchange.net/archives/paying_women_to_have_children.html

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Differences and Similarities Between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 737 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/02/20 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Macbeth Essay Did you like this example? Have you ever watched The Little Shop of Horrors or read Macbeth? The Little Shop of Horrors is an entertaining film from the 1960s about a deficient florist that invents a people-eating plant. Macbeth is a tragedy about a general that becomes consumed with the idea of holding power in the Kingdom of Scotland. The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth are different regarding the time periods that each story is set in and the quality of each script, but are similar by using death in an attempt to be successful. The first difference between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth is the time periods that each story takes place in. The Little Shop of Horrors transpires in the 1960s. During that time, fashion and conversation were more modernized than that displayed in Macbeth. Individuals dressed in clothing similar to what is worn presently. Men, especially Mr. Mushnick and Seymour, wear nice shirts and slacks while women such as Audrey wear dresses, nice tops, and skirts. The characters converse using the same vocabulary that individuals use today. Macbeth, on the other hand, is set in the Renaissance and Elizabethan Eras. During that time in history, fashion and vocabulary were very formalized. Males like Macbeth, Banquo and his son, and Duncan and his sons dress in nice shirts, blazer coats, and knee-length trousers. Females such as Lady Macbeth and Lady Macduff wear gowns with fitted bodices and fuller skirts. Their choice of vocabulary is intricate and resembles Old English. Words like à ¢â‚¬Å"whence,† â€Å"hath,† and â€Å"thou† are used frequently. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Differences and Similarities Between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth" essay for you Create order The second difference between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth is the quality of each script. The Little Shop of Horrors is a poorly written and performed film. The screenwriters were drunk and wrote the movie in one day and then had it completely filmed in two days. The screenplay includes a human flesh-eating plant, Audrey Junior, which often shouts â€Å"Feeeeed meeeee.† As a result, Seymour, an employee at Mr. Mushnick’s flower shop, murders three individuals to feed to the plant. During the Sixties, though, B movies were very popular. Therefore, it is no surprise that the script and acting is worse than what one would see on television today. Compared to The Little Shop of Horrors, Macbeth is a very well written play. In fact, it was written by William Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in the English language. During Shakespeare’s time, comedies, tragedies, and histories were common plays to be performed. Accordingly, the playwright wrote the cl assic tragedy, Macbeth. The play’s plot is structured and thorough. It begins with Macbeth receiving a prophecy from the three witches stating that he will reign as the King of Scotland one day. Next, he realizes that their prediction may indeed be correct. Then, several other individuals become involved and people who threaten Macbeth’s position in the kingdom are murdered. In the end, Macbeth notices that he misinterpreted the prophecy and is murdered by Macduff. Despite the differences between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth, there is a similarity within each script – the characters use death in an attempt to be victorious. In The Little Shop of Horrors, Mr. Mushnick’s flower shop’s success depends on Seymour’s new plant, Audrey Junior, which he names after his crush and Mr. Mushinick’s daughter, Audrey. Once again, the plant feeds off of human flesh and blood and is very demanding. As a result, Seymour is persuaded to kill a dentist, a railroad detective, and a promiscuous woman in order to help Audrey Junior continue to survive and attract more customers. As has been stated, in Macbeth, the Scottish thane is told that he will be the King of Scotland one day. He is skeptical of that prediction until he is triumphant in battle. Then, Macbeth either kills or has several individuals murdered who he thinks is an ultimatum to his rank. In spite of each of the main character’s endeavors to be succe ssful, Seymour and Macbeth are both dead at the finish of each script. To conclude, The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth are different regarding the time periods that each story takes place in and the quality of each script, but are similar by striving to be victorious using death. Watching this film or reading this play would be an exceptional pastime for any individual and would certainly leave one speechless.

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Analysis Of The Secret Life of Bees - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 2908 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/08/16 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Secret Life of Bees Essay Did you like this example? The Secret Life of Bees takes place in the 1960s and follows the incredible and emotional journey of fourteen-year old Lily Owens, a white girl living in Sylvan, South Carolina. Lily lives alone with her father, T-Ray, and her African-American housekeeper, Rosaleen. Growing up with an abusive father and a dead mother she barely knew, Lily often feels alone in this world and worthless. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Analysis Of The Secret Life of Bees" essay for you Create order The story opens up with Lily looking back on the day her mother died. Lily’s mother, Deborah, had left T-Ray when Lily was only a couple years old, but later came back to retrieve her daughter. T-Ray and Deborah started to fight, which quickly became physical. Mrs. Owens pulled out a gun and accidentally dropped it by Lily, who picked it up and attempted to shoot her father to protect her mother. The bullet missed and hit Deborah, killing her instantly. Lily mentions her constant feeling of responsibility for this horrific event, which T-Ray takes advantage of and uses against her as a way to torture her. A couple days after Lily recalls this event, her and Rosaleen were walking through town when Rosaleen was attacked by a group of racist men. Both Rosaleen and Lily were brought to jail, but T-Ray came and bailed only Lily out, leaving Rosaleen behind. Fearing the men would go back to the jail to kill the only person Lily actually cared about, she came up with a plan to break Rosaleen out. While coming up with this plan, T-Ray came into Lily’s room and started verbally abusing her. Lily tried to stand up for herself, which T-Ray laughed off and went back to using the story of her responsibility for Deborah’s death to emotionally abuse Lily. After he went away, Lily came to the conclusion that the only way she could be happy and truly understand her mother was if she ran away with Rosaleen. After Rosaleen and Lily both successfully escaped, the two started towards Tiburon, South Carolina. Lily had found a picture of black Mary with â€Å"Tiburon, South Carolina† printed on the back in some of her mother’s belongings. Lily took this as a sign that the only way for her to truly connect with her mother was to go to this place. On the journey there, Lily and Rosaleen come across a store with jars of honey in the window with the same black Mary picture on them. When they asked the store keeper where the jars were from, the man told the women that a local beekeeper by the name of August Boatwright had made the honey. Rosaleen and Lily went to her house where they discovered August and her two sisters, who were more than willing to let the women stay with them. Lily and Rosaleen lied to the sisters about their ide ntities out of fear of August or someone else calling Mr. Owens to tell him where they were. As time passed, Lily and Rosaleen helped August and her sisters take care of the bees in exchange for a place to live. August helped Lily realize her worth and how her father’s disparaging comments did not define who Lily was. Eventually, Lily opened up to one of the sister’s, May Boatwright, and asks if she knew anyone by the name of Deborah. May told Lily she did, confirming Lily’s suspicions of the women being connected to her mother. Lily decides she wanted to go and talk to August about all of this, so a couple weeks later she finally worked up the courage to do it. Lily explains her reasons for coming to the Bee Farm and who her family really is, while August listens quietly and nods her head. She later tells Lily she knew who she was all along but kept quiet because she wanted Lily to discover herself and experience being â€Å"normal† for awhile. Mr. Owens drives to Tiburon to get Lily, who refuses to leave, standing her ground against her furious father. T-Ray eventually leaves, allowing Lily to finally be free from his physical and emotional torture and able to move on with her new family. Significant Characters Setting Lily Owens Lily is introduced into the book as a curious and determined teenager who grows up with an abusive father and little to no knowledge of who her mother was. The only memory she has of Deborah Owens is the painful memory of her death. Lily constantly replays the memory in her head, each time feeling less and less loveable. She poses the question of how anyone so stupid and horrible enough to kill their own mother could be loved. Lily battles this feeling of being worthless throughout her journey, with her father reminding her every second he can about how Lily caused Deborah’s death. She also feels that her mother did not truly love her because Deborah left her behind when she ran away from T-Ray. Not wanting this to be true, she pushes the thought to the back of her head only for her father to bring it back up, as he usually would, when abusing Lily. Lily finds it hard to escape and attempts to distract herself with the bees that live in her house. Due to her mother not being around, she also longs for a maternal figure, and when Lily finds someone exhibiting this trait, she tends to cling to them. While with the Boatwright sisters, Lily quickly connects with two of them (August and May), but has a hard time relating to the third, June Boatwright. June is portrayed as standoffish and not wanting anything to do with Lily, which only fuels her feelings of being undesirable. However, as Lily gets to know June better and is forced to interact with her, June opens up to Lily and defends her as if she were her own child. From this, Lily eventually learns to love herself and stops listening to T-Ray’s voice in her head telling her that her life is meaningless. Now that she has people in her life who act as maternal figures, Lily is able to grow as a character and really see the beauty in life and her biological mother’s love for her. In the end, Lily is able to let go of all the hurt that plagued her and move on with h er life with a new family she knows will not hurt her the way T-Ray did. T-Ray Owens As the father of Lily, T-Ray is expected to be the protagonist of the story, but quickly shows he is the complete opposite. He raises Lily in a harsh way that scars her both physically and emotionally. After the freak-accident that killed his wife, who was also a victim of his abuse, T-Ray looks to blame someone other than himself for the death. He looks at Lily, as she was the one who fired the gun. Although Lily did shoot her mother, T-Ray is still responsible as he was physically abusing her when she drew a gun on him out of self-defense. T-Ray forces himself to deny the fact that if he had not been so cruel to Deborah, she would still be alive. Instead, he takes out his anger on Lily, making fun of her for little things, like claiming there were bees in the house. He forgets Lily is his own daughter at the end of the book when trying to bring her home, and refers to her as â€Å"Deborah,† truly believing in that moment it was his wife in front of him. He cries out, â€Å" You’re not leaving me again† (Kidd 294). By saying this, T-Ray shows how blinded by hurt and self-loathing he actually is and how much he really did love his wife, despite his bitter nature. August Boatwright August Boatwright, a humble beekeeper, is introduced to the readers early on and is portrayed as an understanding and mother-like figure. These two qualities immediately draw Lily to her. August knew who Lily was from the beginning, despite Lily’s lies about her identity, and recognized her determined nature from Deborah Owens. August was Deborah’s nanny when she was a child and practically raised Deborah, which is why she ran to August’s farm after leaving T-Ray. August saw the emotional battles Lily was fighting and felt the need to assist her without fully disclosing her knowledge of Lily’s mother in order to help Lily discover herself independently. August successfully helped Lily positively grow as a person and help her to finally feeling worth something in this world. She taught Lily important skills while they took care of the bees and helped Lily permanently let go of the idea that her biological mother did not love her and that she was to blame for Deborah’s death. August made Lily realize that she is human and capable of mistakes, something she should not beat herself up for every day. August Boatwright was the glue to her family. Without her, June would never have connected to Lily nor would Lily have ever gone through such a positive and remarkable change. She used her compassion and faith that everything would be alright to guide Lily down the right path and to teach Lily to pick herself up after she falls. Tiburon, South Carolina Tiburon, South Carolina holds a special meaning to Lily because of it being written on the back of one of her mother’s belongings. She did not originally know why this place was significant, but believed that she could find answers to her questions about Deborah if she went there. When Lily and Rosaleen arrive in Tiburon, they encounter the Boatwright sisters who they later find out knew her mother. Lily learns a lot while in Tiburon and is able to move on in life with the help of the Boatwright sisters, something she would not have been able to do back in Sylvan, South Carolina. Tiburon is Lily’s safe space, a place where she can connect with her mother and come to terms with Deborah’s death and her guilt from it. Opening Closing Statement In the beginning of the book, Lily gets into an argument with T-Ray in which she yells, â€Å"You don’t scare me!† (Kidd 38). Lily actually meant this and was willing to stand up against her father because of how much she hated him. She did not care about the possible abuse to follow her defiant statement. At the end of the book when T-Ray come to Tiburon and confronts Lily, she is terrified. By living with the Boatwrights and learning more about her mother, Lily was able to understand her father’s sadness and truly feel for him. She admitted to being scared of him and was actually concerned for her safety. Lily realized that T-Ray was so blinded with rage and hurt that he did not even notice he was abusing his own daughter, but believed she was Deborah. Theme Statement The most prominent theme in this novel is the sense of community. By helping each other get through hard times and recover from past experiences, the female characters of this book were all able to become better versions of themselves. The Boatwright sisters welcomed Lily into their house, sensing her desire for any sort of maternal connection, and helped Lily find her home within this community built from trust and compassion. Without a trusted group of people to turn to, Lily would not have been able to grow as a person and finally achieve the happiness she craved. June Boatwright learned to open up and to love through Lily’s presence, ultimately helping her become closer to her sisters. By finally feeling a sense of belonging to a group of people who genuinely loved her, Lily was able to feel at peace with her past and ready for the future because she knew that no matter what, she would always have people supporting her. Another important theme in this book is the theme of love. Lily’s only desire is to feel some sort of affection from anyone, as long as she feels wanted. When she arrives at the Boatwright’s, they welcome her into their home with open arms and willing to care for her. This helps Lily realise how much she had been missing in her life back in Sylvan with her father. Her father had not shown her the slightest amount of love or affection, which caused her to often feel depressed and like her life was meaningless. All of that changed when the Boatwright sisters showed Lily love despite really knowing her. This compassionate and kind emotion was something Lily had never experienced, but eventually wondered how she ever lived without. Author’s Style Throughout the novel, the author starts each chapter with a quote from books about beekeeping. The quote always relates to what is happening in that chapter. An example of this is when the author uses the quote, â€Å"Let’s imagine for a moment that we are tiny enough to follow a bee into a hive. Usually the first thing we would have to get used to is the darkness†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Exploring the World of Social Insects 82). This quote starts off chapter five, which ends up being about Lily and Rosaleen’s struggles when trying to adjust to living with the Boatwright sisters, who live in a way that is the complete opposite of what they are used to. Significant Quotes â€Å"You don’t scare me!† (Lily 38) This quote is significant because it show’s how Lily is able to recognize T-Ray’s irrational thinking when he abuses her and not let it scare her. She chooses not to give into his emotional abuse and mind games, but instead challenge T-Ray to show her growing independence. T-Ray clearly was threatened by this because he immediately retaliated, proving his fear that Lily would leave him alone. All along, T-Ray thought she was dependent on him and felt that he could treat her any way he wanted and she would not run away. By Lily standing up for herself and claiming that she was not afraid, she showed that she was willing to leave T-Ray and become independent. â€Å"I could tell you I did it. That’s what you wanna hear. I could tell you she did it to herself, but both ways I’d be lying. It was you who did it, Lily. You didn’t mean it but it was you† (T-Ray 299). This quote is significant because it shows how T-Ray was finally able to acknowledge the fact that Deborah’s death was an accident. Throughout the whole novel, T-Ray makes sure Lily never forgets that it was her fault her mother was dead, causing Lily to also believe this and consider herself a bad person. When T-Ray says this quote, he also helps Lily to get rid of the thought that she is unable to be loved by anyone because of this tragic event. Lily is finally able to be at peace with her mother’s death and her role in it because of her father acknowledging that it was an accident. â€Å"Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about† (August 148). This quote is significant because it relates to the situation Lily is in while comparing it to a hive of bees, something that interests Lily. The hive represents the community Lily has joined and how she is different compared to the Boatwright sisters, both physically and mentally. Lily withholds her identity from the sisters, also relating to the secret life bees have in their hive. No one truly knows what happens in the hive, occasionally not even its members. None of the sisters, besides August, know that Lily is hiding her identity, yet they still welcome her into their community. â€Å"‘I’m staying here,’ I said. ‘I’m not leaving’† (Lily 296) This quote is significant because it shows how Lily has finally found a home, a place she knows she belongs in and is loved. When T-Ray threatens to leave, she refuses, not afraid to stand up to him if it means she gets to stay in the one place she feels happy. Lily shows how much she has grown as a character in this quote. She shows her independence and confidence, two things she did not have early on in the book. â€Å"Send them love and everything will be fine† (August 149). This quote is significant because it highlights one of the themes of this book: the need for love. August is showing Lily the beehives and telling her about them when she says this quote. By sending the bees love, they in return will not hurt anyone, but instead will happily produce honey and be productive. This relates to August’s beliefs about how everyone deserves some sort of affection, especially those who do not normally receive any, like Lily. Lily is also impacted by this quote because it shows her the importance of love in any community and how it can make or break a person. Lily has gone so long without any love from her father and is finally receiving it from the Boatwright’s, and to Lily, everything is fine. She feels wanted and that is enough for her.

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Essay about City Council Meetings Observations - 1399 Words

The Dahlonega City Hall was crowded on the evening of March 1st 2010. The seats were full, except for at the very front, and the standing room was filled almost out the door. The crowd, mostly made up of students, leaned in to hear as the voices of the City Council members faded in and out of the faltering sound system. The six City Council members and the mayor sat along a bench as if they were the judges at a hearing. Because of the ongoing discussions and the crowd, I thought I had arrived a few minutes late; but I was able to find a seat in the front two rows. Despite how packed the small room was there were plenty of empty seats in the front. I had thought the meeting was well on its way by the way conversation was going and†¦show more content†¦Then another Council member would second the movement if they agreed. Following the movement being seconded a vote would follow to confirm if the movement was confirmed or denied. Several local business owners stood up throughout the meeting asking for variances in local laws for construction on their buildings. One requested to not be required to add parking spaces despite the fact that he was adding square footage to his restaurant. The Dahlonega City laws determine the number of required parking spaces for a business by square footage. However what the business owner was adding, an indoor stairway and a landing for the hostess to greet in, would not affect the number of people that could be seated in the building. The council ultimately said that he could only put in half the number of required spots. Another business owner stood and requested a similar variance in the law but was adding office space to the rear of their building instead of a stairway and landing. Again he wanted to not have to provide extra parking for the space since it was not going to be used commercially, but because he mentioned a function that was not stated on the original business plan, the request was tabled. Following the portion of the meeting where the public could bring things to the table, the Council continued with its agenda. Multiple departments came and gave reports on what they were doing and their progress. IncludingShow MoreRelatedReflection On City Council Meeting1369 Words   |  6 Pagesby attending a city council meeting, whether it be in an urban or rural area, public administration still has a part in each event. As Kettl (2018; p. 244) referenced in his book, there is not a civil system that would be sustainable without strong leadership. This paper will discuss the author’s description, observation, and reflection during a city council meeting. DESCRIPTION On Monday, October 23, 2017 the author attended Bellevue, Nebraska’s city council meeting. The meeting was called toRead MoreEssay On Nature Of The Meeting1183 Words   |  5 PagesNature of the Meeting The City of Mississauga Planning and Development Committee hosts regular meetings on alternating Mondays, throughout the year. Incidentally, I attended a Planning and Development meetings for this Log Book assignment on Monday, October 30, 2017. In fact, the location of the meeting was 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 2G6, in the Civic Centre Council Chamber, which is also the Mississauga City Hall building. The meeting commenced promptly at 7:00 pm, and IRead MoreThe Community Of A Community1255 Words   |  6 Pagesmiles east of the city of West in Hill County. I recently attended the city council meeting that was held on June 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the volunteer fire department building. I went there to observe the claim that some of the citizens of this small town were making about the trash problems they are having. The citizens are claiming that they have very unpredictable trash pickup times and they have no way to dispose of large items and yard debris. I decided to go to the meeting because this isRead MoreA Speech On The Hall Of Chicago1640 Words   |  7 Pages As the meeting starts, just by looking at the demeanor of the women that begins with the Quorum Roll call you can notice her lack of enthusiasm which causes you conclude that she have no drive to be apart of the meeting. There were also a lack enthusiasm in her voice as she called all the alderman s for their attendance. She called approximately fifty names without any knowledge if they were present or not. I noticed that there were about forty spectators. As she continues to call names, I realizedRead MoreAnalysis Of Camelot Simulation1210 Words   |  5 Pagespast few weeks in my Urban Politics class. This is because our entire class participated in the Camelot Simulation, where everyone is assigned a role to â€Å"act out† in a fictional city. To explain in greater detail, I will give a brief summary of the simulation and my participation in it, then I will analyze a major issue our city faced, and lastly, I will share what I learned about urban politics and policy throug h this exercise. Like I previously mentioned, in the Camelot Simulation, every student inRead MoreSlavery During The 19th Century Essay1423 Words   |  6 Pagesby reviewing sources. The sources used to show how Americans thought of slavery comes from multiple chapters within the Sources for America’s History. Some of which, reflect some authors or speakers opinions as other are written observations or recorded council meetings. As stated, these are opinions respectively giving by the authors that can be either pro or anti abolishment enthusiast. Some of the abolitionist consist of David Walker, with his preamble to Walker’s Appeal in Four Articles (1830)Read MoreEssay about SCMP1 Assessment and planning with young people1539 Words   |  7 Pagesa Childs development to form good lasting bonds with their primary carers that enhance a Childs academic abilities and overall social and emotional development. icate will be at a disadvantage and will affect his cognitive development. 1.2 Observation `1.3 Assessing children and young peoples needs has to be done sensitively and accurately. There are a number of factors to be considered when we are to assess child’s needs and that we are able to justify our assessment. We need to employ aRead MoreWhy Community Is A Community And Who Are Its Key Players?1660 Words   |  7 PagesCommunity Demographics Waxahachie, Texas is pin point on Interstate Highway 35E and U.S. Highway 287, thirty miles south of Dallas in the central part of the county (Texas State Historical Association). Waxahachie is a rural city that occupies the nickname of the â€Å"Gingerbread City† because of the architecture of several beautiful Victorian homes and buildings remaining from before 1900. Founded in August 1850, on land donated by Emory W. Rogers, a pioneer settler. Rogers, J.D. Templeton, W. H. GetzendanerRead MoreA Situational Analysis of Shared Leadership in a Self-Managing Team1154 Words   |  5 Pagesappointed leader does. This approach seems particularly well suited to self-managing teams (SMTs), in which leadership is presumably shared. In this project, I will explore how members of a self-managing team enact leadership in their regular team meetings. In particular, I will focus on how SMT members influence the direction of the team as well as the relationships and identities of indi vidual members and the identity of the team as a unit, and how their interaction is enabled and constrained byRead MoreGentrification Of The West Philadelphia1478 Words   |  6 Pages1984). Harvey Molotch’s city as a growth machine theory has been very useful tool in the study of gentrification. Molotch’s growth machine frames the commodification of place as a product of the political economy, where city â€Å"growth† is driven by entrepreneurs and land {monopolies} who seek to gain control of profit through exchange values. These â€Å"local growth machines† are responsible for the distribution of people and the architectural and economic development of the city (Logan and Molotch, 1987)

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Land Law Torrens System

Question: Discuss about the Report for Land Law of Torrens System. Answer: Part A. 1. In order to differentiate the Old system of title and the Torrens system of title, one needs to go to the origins. Initially there were no provisions land transaction recordings in NSW colony. Particulars of sale used to be written on the back of the ownership and land grant used to change without evidence of document. In 1802, the first recorded registrations forming the first book of the Old Register took place when a register was provided by the Judge Advocate and parties got invited to place their dealings on record (Lpi, 2016). On 16 November 1825, the first Registration of Deeds Act became operational which launched a special form of memorial and the canon that any Deed or instrument executed in good faith and for valuable consideration should be prioritised according to date of registration and not of execution. Hence the Vendors Index got introduced. The Old Systems Records comprises of the following registers: Grant Registers: They were initially grouped in number of series like as Land Purchases, Special Grants, Town Purchases etc.( 1792 to 31.12.1862) The Old Register: They comprised 9 volumes in date wise order and 1 index. It held many entries not related to land transactions. Vendors Index : All registrations operative index is vendors index in the General and entries are made under the names of all people creating an interest. Purchasers Index : Individuals acquiring interest in land is purchasers index, collected from entries recorded in the Vendors Index. Miscellaneous Register: It contains different types of transactions. They contain Powers of Attorney, Appointments of Receivers and Changes of Name. Index to Instruments Evidencing Change of Name (1875 to 1967) Guidelines for preparing dealings and Old System instruments in order to registration in the General Register of Deeds must be followed when producing: Real Property Act instruments and dealings. Old System registration copies instruments and deeds registration copies (Burke and Mead, 2013) Old System instruments and deeds originals where LPI is to prepare the registration copy Robert Richard Torrens designed the Torrens title system was introduced to NSW with the start of the Real Property Act on 1st January 1863.It was a system on the method of insuring shipping. A single register was used for each land property and recorded details that affects land such as easements, caveats, mortgages etc. The Torrens Title or Real Property Register is divided as: Old form bound Register (1863 to 1961) Vol 1 to 8497 New form loose leaf Register(1961-) Integrated Titling System/Automated Land Titles System (31.10.1983 to 14/5/1999) (O'Connor, 2003). Torrens Title Purchasers Index (Lpi, 2015) 2. When 2 or more people get interested in lands with the help of transfer, application, mortgage, lease, or charge that, that transaction must mention if the people are to be held as tenants in common or joint tenants. In case of joint tenancy, interest of dead joint tenant passes to the surviving joint tenant(s). In case of Tenants in Common, they do not possess interest in land and on death of either of them, on the basis of terms of their will, their interest passes. To create joint tenancy there should be: Time unity: Joint owners require getting their interest at same time in the property (aussielegal, 2012). Title unity: In the same transaction joint owners are required to receive their interest. Interest unity: Joint owners required to have similar interests in extent, nature and duration. Possession of unity: Equal right to possession is possessed by each joint owner of every part and to whole property, but no exclusive possession of any part. Tenancy in Common does not have unity of interest, which is that unequal shares can be held by them. Hence shares of Tenants in Common must always be shown (Kai-xiang, et al., 2010). Practically the main difference between Joint tenancy and Tenancy in Common is about survivorship rights. In case of joint tenancy, survivorship rights exist. The right of survivorship happens where only the tenant (s) who is alive will continue to keep legal claim over the property. However, when property is held as Tenants in Common, will of the deceased person acts as the determinant as to who will possess the property. Hence the property of the dead person will be only distributed to those mentioned/ nominated by the deceased. 3: The Native Title Act 1993 was passed by the Australian Government in order to provide recognition to national system and protection of the native title and for its co- existence with the land management system of the nation (Austlii, 2014). It commenced functioning on January 1st, 1994. The legislation strived to make concise form of the Mabo decision and strategies execution in order to enhance the process of recognition of the native title. The National Native Title Tribunal was established by the act for registering, hearing and determining native title claims. Native titles exist under the Act when the following requirements are fulfilled: The interests and rights are followed according to traditional customs and laws and they are continuously observed and acknowledged by native Australians (Sutton, 2006). Due to adherence of those customs and laws, the relevant native Australians have link with waters or land. The indigenous title interests and rights are recognised by the Australian common law. Native title to a specific land can be extinguished if the tribe or group who possesses native title loses association with the land. It means that since the Crown first declared sovereignty- in regards of New South Wales, 1788, connection necessarily have been retained. In order to claim native title to land, one has to show descendancy from Aborigines whose land it was in 1788 and that they have maintained connection over generations. Part B Tenancy laws in New South Wales are majorly governed by Boarding Houses Act, 2012 and Residential Tenancies Act, 2010 (Tenantsunion, 2012). In the present case, Andrew got lease of a premise located in an arcade in Rowville Flats, a town in NSW. His intention was to carry out business in the said premise since it faced the streets and it would attract potential clients His main profession was that of a physiotherapist and exercise instructor. He had taken lease for 5 years from April 1, 2015. Kathy was the landlady of the arcade. Now, certain repairs and alterations were meted to the arcade in August 2015, which had a detrimental impact on Andrews business. Since 3 weeks scaffoldings were erected in front of the arcade. The front entrance the mall was blocked by it and only allowed entre through IXL supermarket located at the back of the mall. The scaffolding blocked the windows to Andrews premises and also the sign advertising his physiotherapy practise. The noises created by drilli ng and hammering emitted sounds which made his practice very difficult. Hence his efforts remained futile since he could not prosper in his endeavour. He complained this fact to Kathy regarding the structural changes which resulted in jeopardizing his business (Fitzpatrick et al., 2014). Kathy in turn scoffed him for being oversensitive and reassured him that the repairs would not ensue for a long period. Andrews demands from Kathy included carpet replacement in his premises which was ragged, substitution of a light that got damaged by a ball that occurred in his exercise class, replacement of damaged tiles and repair of a trickling tap in the bathroom integrated in the property leased to him. Kathys contention was that all the repairs were to be borne by Andrew alone. She asserted that it was Andrews responsibility to ensure that the leased premises were re- painted so that the overall look of the arcade did not diminish. The expenses were too great and burdensome for Andrew to carry, due to which he took the decision to give up the business. He decided to re- lease the said premises to a lady named Courtney. She was willing in continuing the exercise classes and selling of the exercise equipments and health products to people, that was present in the leased premises. However, Kathy denied property for assigning the lease to Courtney, the reason being she was unwilling of the present of another retail shop in the mall. According to the lease agreement entered upon between Andrew and Kathy, Andrew was prohibited from assigning whole or part of his interest under the agreement without prior written permission of Kathy. Now, when we delve into the legal issues involved in this case, we have to remember that New South Wales tenancy rules rest upon Boarding Houses Act, 2012 and Residential Tenancies Act, 2010 (Tenants, 2011). It is known that a lease agreement was entered between Andrew and Kathy. However none of the acts acknowledge premises leased for purposes related to trade, profession, business or agriculture. Since Andrew had leased the premises with intent to carry on his business of physiotherapy and exercise classes, he is not entitled to rights enjoyed by a tenant given by both the acts. If he was using the premises let to him for residential purposes, he would be entitled to damages for loss occurred to the premises by the landlord. If the landlord refused, he could have applied to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal for damages (Ncat, 2014). He could have proved that the damages caused to the premises were result of external elements and he had taken reasonable care of t he said premises. He could have received compensation up to $ 15000 from the Tribunal. However legally he is debarred from claiming any compensation from Kathy since he is not covered under the ambit of either of the tenancy laws. Kathy can say that, since his purpose of lease is not a recognised one under the tenancy laws, she is not obliged to compensate him. He has to make alternate arrangements in terms of funds for repair. In short, he has no option but to bear the cost of repair on his own since the tenancy laws do not support his kind of lease purpose. He is also prohibited from subletting or assigning the lease to any other person (Sherry, 2009). Neither has he been approved by the tenancy laws to be a valid lessee nor does even the lessor refuse to agree on subletting the premises. He has to comply by the rules laid down in the agreement or else Kathy has the right to approach the Tribunal for a restraint order. This may result in eviction of Andrew from the premises and he might be compelled by the Tribunal to pay damages to Kathy for the attempt. Neither can he stop payment of rent which will automatically make him eligible for eviction (Tenants, 2014). He is liable to keep the premises in good shape and ensure repair and maintenance out of his own pocket. Kathy, on the other hand is in an advantageous position. She is entitled to get rent on time, be it monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly. Any failure on part of Andrew, will entitle Kathy to sue him. Moreover, she is not obliged by law to compensate him for damages incurred due to any reasons. It is completely dependent on her free will. She is free to evict him from the premises on any ground and he is not eligible to retaliate in a legal manner. The entire lease is based on a mutual consideration. The tenancy laws of NSW do not encompass his purpose of tenancy. He is morally liable to bear all encumbrances and ensure that the work done by him is legally valid. He has to ensure that the premi ses are kept safe from external dangers and damages and in case something happens, to ensure that damages are repaired to the best possible extent (Easthope, et al., 2009). He is not eligible to sublet the premises to any third party without Kathys consent. She is free to revoke the tenancy on violation of this ground. Reference : aussielegal. (2012). CO-OWNERSHIP. [online] Available at: https://www.aussielegal.com.au/articles/724/NSW/Property_Law/Co-Ownership:__Tenants_in_Common__Joint_Tenants [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016]. Austlii.edu.au. (2014). NATIVE TITLE ACT 1993. [online] Available at: https://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/nta1993147/ [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016]. Burke, and Mead, (2013). Old System Title | Burke Mead Lawyers. [online] Burke Mead Lawyers. Available at: https://www.burkemeadlawyers.com.au/commercial-law/old-system-title/ [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016]. Easthope, H., Randolph, B. and Judd, M.S., 2009. Managing major repairs in residential strata developments in New South Wales. City Futures Research Centre, Sydney. Fitzpatrick, S. and Pawson, H., 2014. 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The New South Wales strata and community titles acts: A case study of legislatively created high rise and master planned communities. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 1(2), pp.130-142. Sutton, P. (2006). Native title in Australia. 4th ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Tenants.org.au. (2011). Factsheet 01: Residential Tenancies Act - Tenants NSW. [online] Available at: https://www.tenants.org.au/factsheet-01-residential-tenancies-act [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016]. Tenants.org.au. (2014). Tenants Rights Factsheets - Tenants NSW. [online] Available at: https://www.tenants.org.au/tenants-rights-factsheets [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016]. Tenantsunion.org.au. (2012). Residential Tenancies Act 2010: report. [online] Available at: https://www.tenantsunion.org.au/residential-tenancies-act-report [Accessed 25 Aug. 2016].

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